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Transform Yourself with the Insanity Max: 30

Most everyone has felt bad about their bodies at some time or another. We look at ourselves in the mirror and are depressed by what we see. Now at that point, you may pledge to change things and switch up the way you work out and eat. But how long does that last? It could just be a few days or just a few hours before settling back into old habits.

But you can kick those bad habits and transform your life and your body. You can reach the goals you set for yourself and get the body you have always wanted. And you can do it all in 60 days. Here’s our review for the hottest new fitness program.

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How Is That Possible?

You may be thinking that is absurd, and it would be with any other fitness program. But with the Insanity Max:30, you say goodbye to that beer gut or paunch and hello to six packs of rippling abs. And it all comes down to just 30 minutes of the hardest workout of your life each day for 60 days.

Does that seem like a huge commitment? If so, just remember that it only takes 60 days for most people to achieve the body they are looking for. Compare that to other programs which take many months and require 45 minutes to a couple hours of working out each day. Those are huge, time-consuming programs that won’t promise you near the results of the Insanity.

We were skeptical too when we first tried it. It’s only natural, since a lot of these programs don’t work for most people. But this one is geared to be super intense. In fact, it is so intense that most people don’t even make it through the workout the first time they try.


Can It Work for Me?

Now that may sound like a fact that most fitness programs would like to hide. You can imagine the commercial that promotes the idea of a workout not everyone can get through: “Try our new workout. You have a less than 10% chance of being successful.”

But that is part of the Insanity Max:30’s selling point. Here’s how it works. You start up the program and get through as much as you can. Just push your body as far as you can go and then write down what time you stopped at. Maybe your body gave up on you 5 minutes in, or maybe you made it to 10 minutes the first time.

Whatever it is, just write it down and keep a record of it. Then the next time, push for a little bit more. And you will be able to do it, as your body grows stronger with each workout. After a few days, you will be pushing your initial time by a few minutes and eventually get all the way through the 30 minute workout.

Stopping at the point where you can go no further is called “maxing out”. Your maxing out time may be different from everyone else’s, but that’s okay. Everyone starts at a different point. Some people haven’t worked out in years and others jog once a week. This workout is made for all of them. Whether you label fitness as a hobby or a fear, this workout can be your key to success.

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The Basics

What it comes down to for every workout is the actual act of doing it. What does it take to make the program work? You might be pleased to know that the Insanity Max:30 requires no additional equipment beyond your own body and a workout space. You don’t have to buy barbells or dumbbells or any kind of bells. Just your body and your will to succeed are all that’s required, and of course, the workout plan.

The plan comes in the form of DVDs that give you video instructions for each of the exercises. There are 12 different exercises, and you won’t get through all of them in your first few workouts. Over time, you’ll add in more and more until you are switching out each exercise every minute or so. This is what’s known as muscle confusion, and it makes sure that your body doesn’t adapt to any one exercise and stop producing muscle tissue.

It’s an effective approach that has worked before in previous programs from this company such as Insanity and Focus T25. And in our experience, it is the only way to get incredible fitness results in a short amount of time. Other programs may have you doing the same thing over and over again, but this one changes it up all the time, ensuring that your body gets a thorough workout and that your muscles can’t get used to any repetition.

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What It Takes

Now any fitness plan that tells you that you are going to get great results just by exercising is lying to you. It requires you to change the way you live your life if you are going to change your body. Nobody gets a doughy body just by not working out. There needs to be dietary changes happening to make that occur too.

So if you are going to get that Adonis figure, you have to eat right as well. That’s not to say that you can’t ever eat out again or eat foods that you like, but you have to have a plan and you have to stick to that plan pretty closely.

The Insanity Max:30 comes with a diet plan for you. And it includes advice on where to go when you eat out and what to eat while you are there. There is even a healthy eating guide for people who like to buy frozen food rather than making it fresh. No matter how you like to eat, this program has you covered.

And eating is a really important part of making any fitness program work. You can exercise all you want, but if all you consume is Mountain Dew and Doritos, you aren’t going to get a great-looking body. You will have to commit to the plan and follow the program as best you can.

Insanity Max 30

Small Steps First

Now remember, the Insanity Max:30 isn’t all about just jumping all the way in and expecting to change your life in an instant. You can start slow, work at your own pace and see results over time. This is a 60-day program, and no one is going to master it right away. There’s plenty to learn and get accustomed to, and you may end up just making small changes to start out with.

And that’s okay. The program is built for you and everybody else who wants to get fit. We’ve compared it to other fitness programs out there, and none of them offer the same powerful results in such a short amount of time.

We highly recommend this program and suggest that if you want to transform your life and your body, you give it a try for yourself.

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